450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3

Building Custom Homes in Vancouver

450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3

Passive Homes

As the team behind Vancouver’s super-green passive home Futrhaus, we build energy-efficient passive homes in Vancouver West. We complete projects to the highest construction standards in a process that accounts for cost estimation, permit submissions, subcontract tendering, and management of the entire construction and evaluation process—always with an eye on your design preferences and budget!

High Performance Passive Home Construction

As a team building high-performance passive homes in Vancouver West, we achieve thermal efficiency and maximum comfort through the highest construction standards. Energy savings of up to 90% can be expected through superior construction and insulation. For Futrhaus, this included triple-glazed windows, solar orientation, and efficient heat recovery ventilators. Additionally, air filtering of pollen, pollution, and allergens provides a healthier living environment.

Let us help you build a comfortable, pleasing living space that minimizes your footprint. From sourcing local materials to using products from eco-friendly manufacturers, we reduce impact on the planet—and your pocketbook.

Passive Home Construction in Vancouver

For Cleaner, Greener Living

Engineered hardwood flooring, high ceilings, elegant gourmet kitchen with large islands and top-of-the-line appliances, and large outdoor spaces—we deliver an end-to-end process to build high-performance homes of unparalleled comfort and beauty.

Cost Estimations