450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3

Building Custom Homes in Vancouver

450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3


W 45 Avenue – Full Home Renovation

Renovating an award-winning architectural gem

A stunning example of West Coast modern architecture. Designed by Fred Dalla-Lana, this home won architectural awards and editorial recognition during the 1970s. Renovating this one-of-a-kind home took special attention to detail. We worked to enhance the stunning architecture while modernizing the home to create a family-oriented space that captured the cabin in the woods concept that inspired the original build.

No expense was spared to restore this masterpiece to its former glory. We relied on natural materials, working closely with owners to realize their vision in a step-by-step process that accounted for all permits and bylaws. To enhance the flow of indoor/outdoor living, the use of natural light is maximized through the installation of energy-efficient skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows. We restored the spectacular roof deck fully with an outdoor kitchen to maximize surrounding views. Finishes and state-of-the-art appliances seamlessly matched the stunning beauty of this character home while adding a new dimension of luxury and comfort for a masterpiece of modern architecture. 

Unique Features

  1. Energy efficient glass enhances the flow and connection to the natural world
  2. We included high-performance windows, doors, and insulation to reduce energy costs
  3. Special care was taken to ensure all renovations flowed with the original modernist concept 
  4. Installation included soaring glass walls and skylight panels
  5. Modern Exterior Design: sustainably harvested wood siding offers a nature-inspired yet durable outside finish

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