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Building Custom Homes in Vancouver

450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3

House Raising & Pile Foundation

As home contractors, we can assist with levelling a home. Levelling concerns indicate foundation issues—your home may need levelling or repairs if the foundation has shifted. Once an engineer or professional has developed a plan, we can assist in implementation through a streamlined approach that can often be completed in a few weeks.

House Raising and Pile Foundation

Over time, homes settle and foundations shift, resulting in uneven surfaces and noticeable cracking. Left unattended, it can impact plumbing and slow drainage. Doors won’t close, windows stick, and floors slant—then it becomes a safety issue.

Once you have a plan around where support is needed, our team can swing in to stabilize the home. If necessary, the home can be raised and supports implanted through drilling and digging. Our experience allows us to streamline the process, enhancing the strength and stability of your home while minimizing disruption to your daily life.


Pile Foundation

Protect Your Home

We keep you informed at every step. Our estimate includes an analysis of your requirements for realistic time and cost requirements for a long-term solution that works to reinforce your home—and peace of mind.

Cost Estimations