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Building Custom Homes in Vancouver

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Building Custom Homes Imbued with Natural Charm

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Environmentally friendly homes constructed from natural materials continue to dominate home-building trends. As a luxury home builder in Vancouver since 1995, the team at Billingsley Construction has been building homes where natural luxury meets environmental awareness, minimalism, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Defining luxury homes in 2023

Luxury today is realized through streamlined elegance, uniqueness and environmental awareness. There is an appreciation for the unique grain and structure of natural materials like wood and stone. Traditional craftsmanship in the home building industry is going through something of a renaissance. In luxury homes, there is an expectation for built-ins, cozy nooks, stylish mudrooms, and spa-like bathrooms. Function leads form through design that is minimal, without looking cold and sober. 

Rather, warmth comes through accents, finishes and furniture—materials like brass, wood, cork, and leather warm up cool spaces. We’re also seeing neutral, earthy shades making way for brighter colours. Homeowners are more individualistic, choosing colours that express discovery, acceptance, transformation, comfort, simplicity, and luxury. There is an overwhelming trend on the Westcoast to bring colour into the house, creating spaces filled with softness and balance.

Meeting a client’s expectations is our main business as luxury homebuilders. It means sourcing the finishes and materials to meet our client’s vision. Our plus-twenty-year relationship with suppliers has allowed us to source quality goods in an affordable and timely manner. We’ve chosen to curate relationships with manufacturers that provide quality goods because we’ve seen the flipside. Rushed schedules and shrinking budgets have resulted in an uptick of disposable goods, leading to poor quality construction using products with short lifecycles, leading to an excess of uniformity and waste. It’s part of what’s triggered renewed interest in homebuilders that offer quality, simplicity, and honest craftsmanship.

What we see now as luxury home builders in Vancouver are people concentrating on important things—they want to create a cozy nest for their families with technologically savvy homes that account for present and future trends while also considering the preservation of resources.

Leading through quality

When we build a home, craftsmanship and material are always top of mind. Durability and beauty can only be achieved if raw materials, production, and construction meet very high standards. In custom home construction, we see a slight softening in architectural design—softly rounded corners, delicate lines, and open rooms that flow into each other. We offer a clean minimalism and vibrancy to our luxury builds, with touches collaborating on aesthetics and finishes to realize the full vision of the family that will eventually live there.

Building a luxury home takes effort. It’s a labour of love undertaken by someone who desires to feel a special experience of belonging within our own four walls. As luxury home builders in Vancouver, we’ve risen to the task for 25 years, taking the architectural plans provided to us and collaborating with our clients to make their vision of a custom home a reality.

There is no shortage of hard work and creativity on the market. However, we bring a portfolio of proven experience combined with a network of dedicated vendors, quality craftsmen and durable materials to create stunning, heritage-quality Westcoast homes overflowing with natural charm.

Billingsley luxury home builders in Vancouver

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