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Smart Home Construction, the Next Step in Livability and Security

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For clients seeking out custom home builders in Vancouver, state-of-the-art security is a longstanding ask. Incorporating smart technology into homes can make many areas of life easier—comfort, entertainment, and, yes—security.

As custom home builders serving Vancouver West for the last 25 years, the new wave of smart technology options is nothing short of remarkable. Bathroom hardware maker Hansgrohe recently revolutionized bath time with the RainTunes digital shower system,  which combines water, light, sound and fragrance for some seriously sensual showering. Choose between modes like “Relaxation” and “Good morning” to adjust the strength of the water, music, lighting, and fragrance. Appliance makers are also jumping on the smart bandwagon—has the stove been left on—is the milk supply low? Your appliances can send a quick reminder. Never has living in the future felt so today.

In terms of home construction, smart technology has also allowed us to advance home security and safety considerably. Tech companies like Apple make home applications that work in conjunction with many different products. For example, if surveillance cameras are installed, HomeKit allows you to check the cameras from your phone at any time. Phillips Hue Lights make it possible to remotely switch lights on and off or set them to a timer. Eve Window Guard registers if a window has been opened or closed. If a break-in is detected, it automatically switches on any networked lights, and the app sounds an alarm. Eve water and smoke detectors can also be configured so that if there is a build-up of smoke, not only does the fire alarm go off—it lights up an escape route guiding family members to safety.

Smarter approaches to home construction

When it comes to building smart homes, planning is essential. From wiring and device placement to accessibility, our approach to custom home construction in Vancouver is about more than looks. We consider how every decision elevates your lifestyle and works in tandem with your needs. When it comes to smart homes, we think holistically. Essential systems need to be able to speak to each other. That means considering how people will live in their homes and how technology can add value, safety, and convenience. 

Smart homes make our lives easier and safer, and we’re already starting to see the next iteration—intelligent homes, which will gather data to make complex decisions based on lifestyle, patterns, and even information like electricity usage.

As custom home builders in Vancouver, we’re looking to the future

Over recent years it has become abundantly clear that smart applications are versatile and reliable, with functionality to manage room temperature, entertainment systems, or even the entire security setup in the house. As custom home builders in Vancouver, we stay on top of the trends. Smart home technology is on the rise and will make where we live safer and more comfortable in future. Architects are already moving from stand-alone applications to integrated living concepts built around digital infrastructure and connectivity when designing living spaces.

Our number one priority as custom home builders continues to be working with our Vancouver-based clients to realize architectural plans in a way that meets their discerning vision for safe, stylish homes that provide a place for togetherness.

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