450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3

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450 West 37th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2N3


Balaclava Street – Full Home Renovation

A Luxury Full Home Renovation in Vancouver's Southlands

West Coast meets Scandinavian style in this 2050 square-foot detached house. Built in 1988, we performed a complete home renovation, transforming the property inside and out in 2016 to make it a masterpiece of modern living.

We refinished the home with modern steel appliances, premium fixtures, steel, wood and fixtures to improve energy efficiency and comfort. With a sunny fenced grass yard and large deck with hot tub off the main house, it’s perfect for entertaining and stealing away quiet moments with those nearest and dearest.

Unique Features

  1. Cedar shingles offer significant longevity when it comes to exterior wear and tear
  2. Energy-efficient windows, doors, and insulation to reduce energy costs
  3. Amenities include air conditioning, a garden, Swirlpool / hot tub on a large and lovely modern deck
  4. Modern Exterior Design includes a mix of wood, glass, and metal with carefully selected landscaping that seamlessly complements the natural beauty of the surrounding Southlands neighbourhood

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